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Message from the Chairman

I am pleased to note that you are considering JAIET as an adode of learning. It gives top priorities to Discipline, Academic Excellence, Fear of God and Reverence to Teachers as it is a Christian minority inttitution. JAIET seeks excellence in the sacred field of learning and fulfils long-felt need of our country.

Today our society is on the verge of a new age and a new culture. Our youth are torn a part between materialism and realism. this awareness leads to an understanding of the existence of God who is the source of all knowledge and wisdom. The Bible says, "Fear of God is the Beginning of Knowledge". It is my genuine desire that all our students should have a fear of lord first, and then, to strive hard to acquire necessary knowledge and wisdom.

JAIET campus is well planned and situated in the midst of scenic surroundings of chennai city. The architectural buildings add more sophistication and grandeur to this place. The tastefully designed Indian style of gardens and the wide path ways are the centre of attraction and captivate all attentions.

JAIET provides excellent facilities and conducive atmosphere for learning. The environment is so appealing to enhance a thirst for learning with the able guidance of the team of committed and dynamic Faculty members, enabling to enjoy a Guru-Sishya relationship.

The emphasis of JAIET is on character building, integrity, honesty in all dealings and a clean life sytle. Spiritual, ethical and moral instructions are carefully integrated with the academic programmes and other curricular and co-curricular activities so as to serve as a source of inspiration for a successful life.

JAIET has gained a greater reputation within a very short span of its inception, and our institution is considered as one of the leading colleges in the State. We have a glorious vision to achieve our target to be the best college.

JAIETwelcomes the amitious youth to jion the increasing number of successful students who are experiencing the joy of studying at JAIET.

Best wishes.


History of the Trust

The Trust is founded by Dr.John Alfred hailing from a village in kanyakumari District. By his dint of hard work and unceasing persevernce, he become a Teacher.His boundless desire with a vision to carry out the sacred Mission of moulding the aimless youth, blossomed into youth centres, non-formal educational peojects.

Due to his relentless search and unquenchable thirst for educational advencement, he founded a trust namely St.Aflred Educational Trust in the year 1985. Now the Trust promotes education at the primary, secondary, graduate, technical and professional levels.


Missionof the Trust

The Mission of the Trust is to esatablish, maintain and run or develop and otherwise help and aid schools,Colleges of Arts and Sciences,Commerce,Music, Law, Medicine,Dentistry,Engineering,Technology,Management Education,Computer Application, Health Education, Physical Education,Nursing, Pharmacy, Architecture, Town and Country Planning Hotel Management, Catering Technology, Technical, Vocational & Industrial Education Research centres,hostels poor houses, orphanages and other deserving intitutions without any discrimination of caste, creed or religion or profit motive


Developmental activities of the Trust

Considering the rapid development in technlogy, and the future needs of the country, the Trust has proposed to establish some more Technical Institutions with various highly specialised branches of Engineering which have high potential for enormous growth in future. As the country slowly advances to 2000 AD, there is a need for technical man power so as to compete with the already developed countries.

St.Alfred Educational Trust has also begun to consider the necessity of health - education as health is the greatest wealth. It is proposed to construct and establish a hospital with 700 beds, well equipped laboratories and three operation theatres with all facilities essential to make the supply of medicines in time for an effective medical service in the medical field, the Trust has proposed to start a medical college, Dental College,College of Nursing, College of Pharmacy and College of Physiotherapy